Commercial + Hospitality Design

Lab Studio | Design is a multidisciplinary brand specializing in interior design. The LSD team has exceptionally honed abilities to create magical spaces that are a full sensory experience. We are passionate about creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but completley meet all of our clients needs and requirements. LSD does not have a “cookie cutter” approach to interior design. We accomodate each client individually so we can create the best functional space possible that is still oozing design excellence. Budget matters. LSD is a firm believer that expensive does not translate into good design. Good design is accessible, thoughtful and functional.

Making all parts of an interior space exceptional is a focus in the LSD design process. Colour, texture, pattern, light and touch are just a few of the elements considred in creating bold and beautiful spaces, “after all, we live decorated, colourful and flamboyant lives so we should live in homes as fabulous as ourselves!” (LSD team)

Please see the following package offered by LSD to accomodate all of your decorating and design needs!



Interior Design Package

In the Interior Design Package all things design and decor are addressed. The LSD team works in studio and on site with the client to create, construct and complete any interior design project. This package is individually customised to each client depending on their needs. We take on projects of all sizes ranging from small cafes to flaghships. In this package we can address interior and exterior design elements in the existing built form or from foundation up. Interior Design includes amenity design, lavatory design, room layouts, building and architectural material specifications, lighting plan and a decor package. The Interior Design Package includes the following:

  • an initial consultation discussing the scope of work, this is either done on site or at the LSD studio depending on client convenience
  • a pricing proposal outling design fees and stages of work
  • three consultation periods:
    • an initial consultation outlining client requirements and parameters of the project
    • an initial design proposal by LSD to the client for first review
    • a secondary design proposal with revisions by LSD to the client for final approval
  • complete design plan for the consulted project, this includes material selections and product specifications
  • complete Decor Consultation Package if required
  • recommendation of trades if required
  • project management if required

Please visit us in store or contact us at to set up an initial consultation to discuss all of your project needs. The initial consultation is free of charge. Since each project is customised to the clients requirements each project is priced accordingly.


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