Lab Studio | Design is a unique residential and commercial interior design firm that has created a distinctive style through its access to curated collections that combine excellence in Canadian and international design. Humour, intelligence, minimalism and functionality are all integral asepcts within our aesthetic and fundamental concepts within our design principles. Life is an exciting journey and the spaces we live in and use should best reflect our colourful existence.


Our highest priority is to present our clients with a unique design experience. We are advocates of quality, responsibility and high design. We want to stitch the worlds of interior design and architecture together and create truly experiential spaces. We have access to a large collection of customisable furniture, unique wall treatments and distinct architectural products that allow us  to create never-before-seen spaces.


There are no design limits at Lab Studio | Design. We are fascinated with exploring materiality, shapes and the play between forms. Our in house collection, mamu, manufactured in Toronto, is the beginning of this exploration. Set to launch 2017, we will be using only the highest quality, sustainable materials available. Not only are we passionate about design but it is also a top priority to minimize our environmental footprint. Good design means being kind to the Earth.


Remember that it is you that makes your day great and to stay forever chic!





Kelly cropped

Kelly “Cupcake” Caplette


Interiors, landscape ecology, sustainability, general awesomeness

With experience in interiors, installation, and all kinds of do-it-your-self design, Kelly has long been looking for the opportunity to bring glamour and luxe to all corners of Toronto while still keeping a minimalist mindset. Sustainable design is not just a trend Kelly loves to explore, its a way of life and defining characteristic of all of LSD’s products and designs.




Sofia “Marshmallow” Caplette

Resident Genius

An outspoken face-licker, Sofia likes to keep things real by reminding everyone in sight what is really important in life: belly rubs.



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